Property Offences


In Queensland, it is an offence to unlawfully take property that belongs to another person.  Stealing involves the taking of a person’s property without that person’s consent or in a way that is consistent with the owner’s rights.


Robbery is essentially the stealing of another person’s property with the additional element of violence being involved.  In order to be guilty of robbery, the conduct of the accused must amount to behaviour that compels the victim to submit to the theft of their property.  The charge of robbery is aggravated by a wide  variety of circumstances, including through the use of a weapon, whether or not the robbery is done in company, and whether or not the robbery is done at night.

Burglary/Enter Premises Offences

Burglary and enter premise offences involve the accused person entering into the place of another without authority, intending to commit an indictable offence. Similar to robbery types offences, the offence of burglary may be aggravated by an array of circumstances, including the offence being committed at night or in company.

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