Fraud and Dishonesty Offences

Russo Lawyers have the experience of representing clients charged with fraud and dishonesty offences. From the simplest of fraud matters, to the most complicated transactions involving corporations and high-profile commercial matters.

In Queensland, the phrase ‘property’ and what is constituted as property is afforded a very wide definition, and includes all things capable of being owned. Ownership includes, but is not limited to, credit, service benefits, real property, and obligations. Fraud matters can range from simple fraud transactions, such as using another person’s credit card without authority, to complicated and detailed fraud investigations involving matters with the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, or other government agencies. Often, forensic accountants are often required to prepare reports to qualify or challenge information contained in the prosecution case.

In respect of fraud offences, two of the key matters that the court looks at in determining penalty is the amount involved and the circumstances giving rise to the misconduct.  Russo Lawyers can provide expert advice for all types of fraud and dishonesty offences.

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