Criminal Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Winning criminal lawyers able to assist with any charges, no matter the law

Criminal defence lawyers take seriously their role in preventing the state from wrongly charging or punishing citizens with impunity. After all, criminal offences in Australia are considered crimes against the state — even when they are perpetrated against another person. We know how scary, bewildering, intimidating and frustrating it can be for individuals who are facing prosecution. Luckily for our clients, we constantly defend those who are facing prosecution by the state. From navigating police interrogations to negotiating sentencing after a guilty verdict, we have done all this before and are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each client.

The law on the Sunshine Coast

While the Australian Constitution is our supreme law, each territory has its own structures of governance. Hiring a lawyer experienced in working in the jurisdiction where you were charged with a crime saves you from paying a lawyer to learn about local Courts. Perhaps you were caught drink driving on the Sunshine Coast while on holiday from your home in Adelaide. You’ll need a lawyer familiar with local traffic law. Maybe you were traveling interstate from Toowoomba and committed a drug offence or are suspected of assault. Hiring a Brisbane criminal law firm will make a difference because we are familiar with Queensland law and all the local actors where you were charged. Remember: You are (hopefully) encountering the Sunshine Coast’s legal system for the first time; we deal with it on a daily basis.
Each local government in Australia is entitled to make its own local laws. Specific rules on the Sunshine Coast primarily deal with:

  • Parking
  • Keeping animals
  • Approvals for activities
  • Bathing reserves
  • Dog off-leash areas

At Russo Lawyers, we are always up-to-date on local laws, evolving case law and key players in the judicial system. Each Brisbane criminal lawyer here spends their days researching, writing, gathering evidence and interacting with local and regional Courts. Each client benefits from our collective knowledge.

Hiring a law practitioner to help with a criminal charge
As experienced criminal law practitioners, we can help you understand how to handle your specific situation. Yes, you have some obligations to comply with requests from police. But law enforcement actors also have obligations governing their dealings with you. For example, they are obliged to provide an interpreter if you need one. We can advise you of these obligations and help you prepare for questioning, or decide how to respond to any questions asked of you.

Every legal situation is different, so we will spend time discussing the particulars of your case or matters of concern. We will gather information, consider how the evidence collected by the state will be evaluated, and explain likely next steps. We can help you understand and weigh the likely outcomes of different options.
We can help with your case whether you are guilty or not. A major part of our role is with sentencing; we want to ensure unwarranted penalties are not assessed against you.
Criminal lawyers have a responsibility to advocate on behalf of our clients as well as to hold the state accountable. We take that responsibility seriously. 

Various areas of the law

There are two main types of laws in Australia: criminal and civil. In criminal cases, the state will prosecute the individual and must gather and disclose all evidence against the individual.  Civil matters involve two opposing parties, whether individuals or businesses. Each party gathers evidence and must disclose it ahead of proceedings.
Sometimes civil and criminal matters overlap, as in domestic violence cases.  Allegations of domestic violence may occur during a divorce, for example, which is itself a civil matter. But domestic violence is also a crime, governed by several different laws. If you are accused of domestic violence, it is wise to consult with a criminal lawyer who can help you understand how to handle the situation.

Break Enter charges also require a criminal lawyer, as do any traffic violations. Responding to traffic violations, assault charges and theft are among the top reasons to consult a criminal lawyer in Queensland.

Will you go to court?
You may well need to appear before a magistrate, but every criminal matter and the relevant case law is different. You will want to discuss likely scenarios with your criminal lawyer. A great criminal defence lawyer will not only help you with today’s crisis, but also calmly describe upcoming events like court dates, and help you prepare.
Contact us at any time to connect with a legal expert. Russo Lawyers can represent people in many jurisdictions and Courts across Australia, but we are based in Brisbane and so are particularly well-positioned to guide your matter on the Sunshine Coast to a successful resolution.