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Australia is a nation built upon a bedrock of core principles. Chief among them is the fact that we’re a nation of laws. But since its founding, Australia is also a country steeped in basic human rights that are extended to all citizens. These rights, several of which are made possible through the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, take on a whole new level of importance and indispensable quality when you are charged with a criminal offence.

If you live in Brisbane, or have been charged with an illegal activity that occurred there, you need a criminal lawyer in Brisbane that will fight for you and the rights to which you are entitled. You will find it in spades by trusting the experts at Russo Lawyers. Known far and wide, including among criminal law firms along the Gold Coast, we have more than a quarter century of experience in all aspects of law and can guide you through the legal process so you never have to go it alone. Having won many more cases than we’ve lost, we have among the very best lawyers in Brisbane, never mind exclusively criminal defence lawyers in Brisbane. Whether you were just recently charged with a crime or are wondering what you can and cannot remove from your criminal record, Russo Lawyers are criminal defence lawyers that can give you the guidance you need when you need it the most.

Certain responsibilities may be required of you if you’re arrested or charged. But these requirements go both ways, as you have many rights that authorities must honor as soon as they are asserted. These include the right to speak to a lawyer over the phone or have legal counsel present during questioning. Russo Lawyers have the criminal law solicitors that can advise you of your rights and responsibilities before, during and after police questioning.

In addition to being experienced criminal defence lawyers, we’re also uniquely qualified to represent you effectively for a wide range of offences. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Remember, you are entitled to the basic protections of Australian law when you are arrested or charged with a crime, including calling a friend without police present and having legal counsel present during questioning. They go much further than that, though, which is why you need the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane to uphold your prerogatives under the law. Contact Russo Lawyers today for a free consultation or click here for answers to some of our clients most frequently asked questions.

Any physical activity that is forceful or aggressive in nature can fall under the assault and violent offence umbrella. The manner in which these actions are manifested ultimately determines how they are characterised. The five most common offences criminal lawyers in Queensland typically see are:

Doubling as a promise or agreement, bail enables individuals to be freed from custody in exchange with the expectation they return by their court date. Unlike presumed innocence, however, bail is not guaranteed, as it largely depends on the severity of the crime and the circumstances of the initial arrest. Russo Lawyers has among the very best lawyers in Brisbane and can provide assistance in the appeal process if it was denied.

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The structural and sentencing principles between processing offences through Queensland law versus Commonwealth legislation are wide-ranging. When offences concern distribution of or access to child pornography; Social Security fraud; harassing someone electronically; taxation offences or importing prohibiting substances into Australia, Commonwealth law applies.

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As with other crimes, the punishment for drug offences hinge on how they are manifested. For instance, the consequences for selling tend to be more severe than possession. Importation, trafficking, supplying and production are the most common offences in Queensland related to narcotics.

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These offences involve fallacious actions or strategies designed to swindle someone out of their rightful property, from petty theft to more complex ruses that fall under the identity theft umbrella. The circumstances surrounding the misconduct is typically what the court considers when determining the penalty.

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The most serious of crimes can carry with them the harshest of penalties, including life in prison. Sentencing depends on a variety of circumstances, including whether the act is defined as manslaughter – which typically means the negligent killing of someone – or first or second degree, which are uniquely defined.

You need to seek legal advice immediately and obtain representation from a criminal defence lawyer representation if you face murder or manslaughter charges.

Individuals charged with an offence can participate in an electronically recorded interview with a police officer, typically the same one that performed the arrest. Where this takes place – at a police station, residence or work address – largely depends on the nature of the investigation.

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People have a right to use their legally owned property how they wish, which is guaranteed by Queensland legislation. Robbery, burglary and stealing without consent are infringements on those unalienable rights.

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Offences of an illegal and sexual nature are broadly defined and the penalties are similarly wide in scope. The most common sexual offences include:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent treatment of children

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Tax laws are complex and so is the preparation required to adequately represent those who are charged with offences such as tax evasion, fraud, conspiracy to defraud or obtaining unfair financial advantage.

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Over the years, gun legislation has grown increasingly strict, as the Weapons Act 1990 has been updated and amended several times. As such, running afoul of the legislation can result in mandatory sentencing. Brandishing a weapon in public and selling, distributing or transporting weapons without the proper licencing and certification may lead to criminal prosecution.

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