Criminal Lawyers Gold Coast

We’re experienced Gold Coast criminal lawyers ready to handle any offence

No matter where you are along the Gold Coast, from the bustle of Surfers Paradise down to the sleepy suburbs around Reedy Creek, you are always entitled to the full protections of Australian law. These range from the right to call a friend or lawyer when you are arrested to having a lawyer present during police questioning. Whether you live on the Gold Coast or are on holiday, hiring a Brisbane criminal lawyer at Russo Lawyers is a wise way to be sure you get proper legal advice with a regional Queensland perspective.

Crime on the Gold Coast
Criminal lawyers handle a diverse caseload. We give legal advice in criminal law cases pertaining to all kinds of crimes, including those against people.These kinds of crimes include:

  • Assault
  • Homicide 
  • Rape and attempted rape
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Stalking

We also handle violations committed against property. Criminal offence involving property might result in charges for:

  • Unlawful entry
  • Arson
  • Theft or handling stolen goods
  • Fraud

These broad categories don’t include cases pertaining to drug offences, breaching a domestic violence protection order, traffic law and Weapons Act offences. The number of people charged with drug-related offences in particular nearly doubled in the past decade.
The experienced lawyers here at Russo Lawyers can handle legal proceedings related to all these offences — and still more. We have deep knowledge about your rights during legal proceedings ranging from police interviews to investigations and negotiating possible penalties. We are here to help you make sure you’re afforded those rights. It’s also our job as your legal representation to know the unique facets of criminal law in the Gold Coast — and to be professionally acquainted with everyday actors in the legal system. We take our responsibilities and your rights seriously. We are able to help accused people of all sorts, whether their case wanders into family law or other kinds of court.
We can also work collaboratively with lawyers who are already assisting our clients in civil matters which have come to involve criminal aspects. For example, a domestic violence case may overlap with an ongoing family law case, such as a divorce or child custody proceeding. We can review the facts of your case and give objective advice to help you understand how to proceed even during overlapping cases.

How to hire an experienced Gold Coast lawyer
Being accused of a crime can be a bewildering moment. This is true if you live on the Gold Coast or are only visiting Queensland. Whether you commit a driving offence while on holiday in Mermaid Beach or are accused of assault while visiting friends in Coolangatta, you may not be planning to stay on the Gold Coast long term. So a Brisbane criminal lawyer is necessary for legal service here to connect you with developments in your case.
Any time you are looking for a criminal lawyer — or any other service provider — it is wise to query friends, relatives and acquaintances about reputable professionals. If you don’t have many Queensland connections, consider internet searches. Look for professionals such as Russo Lawyers who employ regional and subject-matter experts. It is best to hire a lawyer with extensive experience in the area of your case. For example, a traffic lawyer is best suited to help with a drink driving charge — not a lawyer specalised in murder trials.
As you begin to email or call lawyers, consider adding a phrase such as, “If you are not taking on new cases right now or don’t specialise in this kind of work, can you suggest a colleague who may be a better fit?”
When you attend the initial consultation session with prospective lawyers, you will want to share factual information about your case. Bring any relevant documents. Ask your lawyer if they have handled similar matters and how those cases turned out.
Finally, whether you are dealing with charges of domestic violence or theft, it is important to consider the process of building a good rapport with your lawyer. Ask yourself after each interaction: Is it easy to communicate with this legal practitioner?
it is paramount that you establish a good relationship with your lawyer. Is it easy to communicate with this person? Do they listen and retain key information? Can they speak cogently about potential outcomes? It is essential to feel comfortable with the person who will be helping you make some of the most impactful decisions of your life.

Law and police

If you need to go to a police station for an interview, your criminal defence lawyer can go with you. In fact, any admissions you make in electronically recorded dealings with police can make or break your case. We often advise nervous clients that once they’ve provided police officers with required information such as name, date of birth, and address, that it is best to politely remain silent until legal counsel is obtained.

The sooner you contact Russo Lawyers, the quicker we can learn the facts of your case and provide you with careful, well-considered counsel. We always help you understand your best interests, advocate for you and push back against overreach on the part of the state. Contact us today to start benefiting from our expertise.