Commonwealth Offences

The Commonwealth legislation is structured in a way that is different to the standard processes attached to offences against Queensland legislation, and the sentencing regimes and principles that apply in respect of Commonwealth offences are often different to offences against Queensland legislation.

Whilst most people will be charged against Queensland legislation, a large number of Commonwealth offences are provided for, and include:

  • Using the internet to access or distribute child pornography material;
  • Importation of prohibited substances into Australia;
  • Social Security Fraud;
  • Taxation offences;
  • Using a telecommunication device to menace, harass, or cause offence.

Given the more complicated structure of the legislation, preparation of these types of matters often requires greater consideration. The team at Russo Lawyers has a large amount of experience and a large amount of knowledge in these types of matters and criminal law, ensuring that they secure the best results for their clients.

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