Child Protection

Where your family situation is under investigation by child safety, officers may interview you, or any other person who may have contact with either you or your child, including teachers, doctors and family members.

If child safety consider that you are willing to work with them to reach a resolution, they may attempt to negotiate a voluntary assessment care agreement. This will signify that you are willing to work with child safety in order to improve the living conditions of your child. You should consult a lawyer before signing any such agreement.

Child safety officers may consider your child to be at risk of harm, and determine that you are not able to protect them adequately. In these circumstances, they are empowered to remove the child from your custody for up to 8 hours, pending the granting of a court order. If it is determined that ongoing protection is necessary, child safety officers will apply for a child protection order. These orders may direct you to act in a certain way, or may order that your child be cared for by a relative or remain in the custody of Child Safety.

You or your child can appeal a child protection order within 28 days, or you can apply for the order to be varied or revoked.

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