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What do you do when you’re charged with a criminal offence?

Being charged for a criminal offence can be complex – here, we break down the different methods of charge and the various avenues of proceedings.

How to avoid police intimidation after arrest

During some arrests, police may employ tactics to force confessions. Here’s what you need to know about police intimidation, and how to avoid it.

What constitutes a Commonwealth offence in Queensland?

In Queensland, most crimes are tried under state legislation. For some offences, Commonwealth law comes into the mix – here’s what you need to know.

Breaking down the bail process

When it comes to bail, there are plenty of conditions that may influence whether it is awarded to you or not – here’s what you need to know.

The difference between criminal and civil fraud in Queensland

Fraud charges in Queensland can be both civil or criminal – here’s a definitive guide from Russo Lawyers on the legal differences between the two.

Unlawful assault in Queensland: what it is and what you need to know

Here’s a quick guide to unlawful assault in Queensland, covering what it is, the different penalties and what you need to know about defending yourself.

A guide to when a Queensland criminal conviction may not be recorded

Depending on the factors of the offence and your criminal history, the Queensland Court may choose to exercise direction and not record a criminal conviction.

Do drink driving offences appear on a Queensland criminal record?

Drink driving is a prominent offence in Queensland – but is operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol a traffic offence or does it appear on your criminal record?

How do I make changes to a QLD domestic violence order?

Protection Orders help victims of family violence – but the need for these measures can change. If so, how can you make changes to a QLD domestic violence order?

What are my rights if the police search my house in Queensland?

Queenslanders have specific legal rights when it comes to police searching their home – here’s a guide to ensuring everything is done by the book.

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