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What happens if someone breaches their conditions

Here, we’ll discuss what is considered a breach of bail conditions and the resulting ramifications so you can better understand why it’s so important to follow the rules

Understanding what you can remove from your criminal record

How do you go about removing a criminal record so you can move forward and prevent the past from jeopardising your future? There’s no one single answer.

When might an intervention order show on a police check?

Whether an intervention order appears on your police check largely depends on what the order is for. Read on to learn more about intervention orders and police checks.

What offences are considered a strict liability crime in Queensland?

Strict liability crimes only require proof that an event happened – no intent is needed. However, you can still build a legal defence against strict liability.

How to beat a drug driving charge

Drug driving is a serious offence with big consequences. What kind of defense will help in getting you off the hook for charges of this nature?

How much evidence is needed to charge someone with a crime?

They say all are innocent until proven guilty – but exactly how much proof is needed for a charge? Here, we explore the ins and outs of evidence.

What are my rights in a police interview?

Regardless of the offence, police interrogation is a stressful time for everyone. Here, we break down your rights in a police interview.

What are the differences between stealing, robbery and burglary in Queensland?

On the surface, stealing, robbery and burglary seem incredibly similar. In reality, these offences have major differences – including penalties.

What do you do when you’re charged with a criminal offence?

Being charged for a criminal offence can be complex – here, we break down the different methods of charge and the various avenues of proceedings.

How to avoid police intimidation after arrest

During some arrests, police may employ tactics to force confessions. Here’s what you need to know about police intimidation, and how to avoid it.

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