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Know Your Rights When You’re Arrested

If you or someone you love is arrested, the situation will be confusing and distressing. It’s difficult to make the right choices with these intensified emotions. In addition, the average person is not well versed in law, which can lead to mistakes or an accidental waiving of your rights. You should understand your rights, particularlyContinue Reading

Breach of Parole Information

This information has been prepared to assist persons who have been currently granted parole.  All information is of a general nature only and is no substitute for specific legal advice related to your situation. If you are currently on parole, you will have a range of conditions imposed via your ‘Parole Order’. If you breachContinue Reading

Costs After Acquittal Of Offence Under The Drugs Misuse Act In Magistrates Courts

GENERALLY NO COSTS AVAILABLE UNDER DRUGS MISUSE ACT Section 127 of the Drugs Misuse Act  provides that no costs shall be awarded with respect to any proceedings arising out of a charge of having committed an offence defined in the Drugs Misuse Act. MOYNIHAN REFORMS ALLOW COSTS FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH A DIRECTION ABOUTContinue Reading

Division of Evidence Act

Russo Lawyers has recently researched sections of the Evidence Act relating to child witnesses and provides the following interpretation. In 2004 the Queensland Parliament introduced legislation regarding the giving of evidence by children in our Courts. The legislation refers to child witnesses as affected children. Under the legislation a child is deemed to be aContinue Reading

Court Ordered Parole

On 28 August 2006 the Corrective Services Act 2006 and amendments to the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 introduced court-ordered parole for non-violent or non-sexual offenders sentenced to three years or less. The legislation requires the court to set a parole release date for non-violent or non-sexual offenders, provided the offender has not been remandedContinue Reading

Queensland Government Demerit Points

Demerit points schedule for traffic offences in Queensland Click Here to Read full information

Transport Operations Road Use Management Act

On 6 August 2010, alcohol interlock law came into effect in Queensland under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995. Alcohol Interlock: An Alcohol ignition interlock is a device, when fitted to a vehicle, prevents the vehicle from starting unless the device is provided with a specimen of a person’s breath containing either noContinue Reading

What 3 Infamous Drink Driving Incidents Teach Us About Traffic Offences

When you hear about a drink driving accident, it is easy to condemn the people involved. It can prove much harder to hold yourself to that standard when you have had a few drinks and have somewhere to be. Studying publicised incidents may help you understand the reality of drink driving traffic offences and theContinue Reading

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