The difference between criminal and civil fraud in Queensland

Fraud charges in Queensland can be both civil or criminal – here’s a definitive guide from Russo Lawyers on the legal differences between the two.

Unlawful assault in Queensland: what it is and what you need to know

Here’s a quick guide to unlawful assault in Queensland, covering what it is, the different penalties and what you need to know about defending yourself.

A guide to when a Queensland criminal conviction may not be recorded

Depending on the factors of the offence and your criminal history, the Queensland Court may choose to exercise direction and not record a criminal conviction.

Do drink driving offences appear on a Queensland criminal record?

Drink driving is a prominent offence in Queensland – but is operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol a traffic offence or does it appear on your criminal record?

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How do I make changes to a QLD domestic violence order?

Protection Orders help victims of family violence – but the need for these measures can change. If so, how can you make changes to a QLD domestic violence order?

What are my rights if the police search my house in Queensland?

Queenslanders have specific legal rights when it comes to police searching their home – here’s a guide to ensuring everything is done by the book.

Is family violence the same criminal offence as domestic abuse?

Family violence and domestic abuse are used interchangeably – but are they the same criminal offence? And how should you respond to a case made against you?

How and for what reason can I adjourn a Queensland court date?

Your Queensland court date, while important, can be adjourned if you have a good reason for doing so and you follow the right processes.

What are the ‘one punch’ assault laws in Queensland?

‘King hit’ assaults in Queensland are treated more seriously than ever. What are the state one punch laws and how can a criminal defence lawyer help?

Should I represent myself in court?

It is often said that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. A court environment is an unfamiliar and confronting place for many individuals. Court processes, legislation, practice rules, and sentencing principles means there is a significant amount of material an individual is required to be familiar with to ensure yourContinue Reading

Can I Appeal my Sentence?

Can I appeal my sentence?

An individual who is dissatisfied with the sentence imposed on them by a sentencing court at first instance does have the ability to appeal the sentence imposed to a higher court. For a sentence imposed in the Magistrates Court, an appeal can be made to the District Court of Queensland. For a sentence imposed inContinue Reading

How can I avoid a criminal conviction?

A common question asked by a lawyer is whether or not a conviction will be recorded for an offence. The answer to that query is possibly. In Queensland, sentencing courts generally have a discretion as to whether or not a conviction is recorded against an individual facing criminal or traffic convictions so long as aContinue Reading

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