Should I represent myself in court?

It is often said that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. A court environment is an unfamiliar and confronting place for many individuals. Court processes, legislation, practice rules, and sentencing principles means there is a significant amount of material an individual is required to be familiar with to ensure your […]

Can I appeal my sentence?

Can I Appeal my Sentence?

An individual who is dissatisfied with the sentence imposed on them by a sentencing court at first instance does have the ability to appeal the sentence imposed to a higher court. For a sentence imposed in the Magistrates Court, an appeal can be made to the District Court of Queensland. For a sentence imposed in […]

How can I avoid a criminal conviction?

A common question asked by a lawyer is whether or not a conviction will be recorded for an offence. The answer to that query is possibly. In Queensland, sentencing courts generally have a discretion as to whether or not a conviction is recorded against an individual facing criminal or traffic convictions so long as a […]